Ceo & Founder

If you would have given 100 stars, i would have rated all 100 stars! Because your service is truly amazing. Seen all top Services, but never seen this kind of service. I would recommend everyone your services always & as per my view I can say Unique Trucking is best.



I have dealt with Unique Trucking for 12 years and they do an amazing job. They go the 'extra mile' to make sure our needs and our customer needs are always met. When you call you always get a live person on the phone. They are a very professional and personal company to deal with.



Unique Trucking has continuously met and exceeded our expectations with their excellent customer service, with us and our customers. They're on time delivery, communication and personal touch has made them who they are, a pleasure to work with.

Alex Brown

CEO & Founder

I have been dealing with Unique Trucking and their top-notch staff for over a year now and have had super service from their team. I always have gotten positive feedback on their professional team of drivers as well. Always a pleasure working with the team at Unique Trucking!